Restoration of people's rights and equalities

This is a good read for understanding the model of development that Papua New Guinea has adapted and the pros and cons of what we are dancing to today. This enlightens the forge of struggle tangled by a growing system of class and the thrive for profit making breathing life to corruption at all "elite" levels.

Source: JOHN FOWKE via PNG Exposed Blog

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What is Development?

Are we really aware of the development we continue to 'so vividly' accept. What is the model of development Papua New Guinea should be growing by? the jay-walking ends now and today we choose to walk with direction.

Source: Kevin J. Barr

January, 2012

Development and Modernisation

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The Spoiling of Paradise: Can Indigenous West Papuans Survive?

Craig Harris , a village garden in Papua

Source: Craig Harris

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Mining boom no cure for PNG poverty: Kiwi development expert


Large scale mine and oil production has "sparked civil strife, caused massive environmental damage, arguably distorted the economy, and brought about a range of negative impacts on communities" (PNG Mine Watch)

Violence erupts at Porgera mine.  Photo: Jethro

Source: Global Post

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Investments in Melanesian countries growing, says deputy PM Dion

Are these Investments really helping the bulk of Papua New Guinea let alone the Melanesian people ? How much tangible rural development can be seen ? Is the infrastructure really reaching our rural population, roads, bridges, schools, health centres? People struggle to bring their coffee beans, their kaukau bags and their vegetables to sell in towns and yet our MSG members argue for better connectivity with a MSG Travel Card. Who is this investment for ? Which Economy is growing?

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Source: Sam Koim, PNG's Anti-Corruption Chief Expert & Champion.

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The great land grab: India's war on farmers Land is a valuable asset that should be used to better humanity through farming and

Picture: In India, the state forcibly acquires land from farmers and hands it over to private speculators, real estate corporations, mining companies and leisure industries [EPA]

Source: Al Jazeera

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World Bank rankings fail the needs of the Pacific - Pacific NGO

Picture: PANG Coordinator Maureen Penjueli

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