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Lands claims 'legal issues hindering cancellation of SABLs'


The Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, and the Lands Minister, Benny Allen promised in April that all Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABLs) were being cancelled. Their promises came one after another, seemingly coordinated to placate the public on the eve of elections. But now the Lands Department is claiming 'legal issues' have prevented any cancellations - see report below. It looks like the Prime Minister and the Lands Minister's promises were just empty words...

Source: The National Newspaper

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An Open Letter to Lands Minister Benny Allen on SABL

Dear Minister Benny Allen,


Thank you for your response through the media [copied below] to the demands of affected landholders and the Prime Minister for answers on the SABL land grab. 

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Lands Dept still issuing fake titles: Parkop

Dept confounding land grab problem


LAND titles continue to be fraudulently issued to businesses and private individuals in the National Capital District, says Governor Powes Parkop.

At a media conference yesterday, he said these titles would not be recognised by the National Capital District Commission, thereby denying the land basic council services like water, sewerage and associated infrastructure services.

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New Land Laws premature - government must deal with corruption first

Effrey Dademo

Moves by the government to review the Lands Act and introduce revised legislation* are premature and focus attention away from the real problem - corruption, says community activist group, ACT NOW!

Changes to the law ignore the corruption which is at the root of most of the current problems with land administration and any changes will do nothing to stop the ongoing abuses.

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Developer refutes land grab claims

Picture: Ariel view of ATS housing scheme

Source: Post Courier

Real estate developer Glory Development Limited yesterday refuted reports published about Portion 693 outside Port Moresby.

The reports had been made by Lands and Physical Minister Benny Allen and Moresby Northeast MP Labi Amaiu queried in Parliament this week.

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Minister proposes new land law

Picture: Minister Benny Allen

Source: Post Courier

No foreign company will apply for land titles under new legislation that will go before parliament, Lands Minister Benny Allan said yesterday. The Minister said this following alegations raised by the member for Moresby Northeast Labi Amaiu about a foregin owned company issuing eviction notices to people living at ATS and Eight-Mile area.

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Frustrated locals label Ministers 'conmen' over PMIZ

From a Special Correspondent

When  three  senior  government ministers arrived at Alexishafen on Friday for a public forum on the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone (PMIZ),  they didn’t expect the kind of  anger they got from the Rempi and Kananam communities.  

Francis Gem, from the Kanamam area  took the stage in front of 300 people  and  in one swooping motion  said:

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Flogging a fishy deal to a fractious public - Ministers hit with local fury over PMIZ

By Nancy Sullivan*

The Kananam Meeting on the proposed Pacific Marine Industrial Zone was called for this Friday because a spate of important government officials claimed to have never received their invitations to the first Rempi Forum.

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