Australian government's hypocritical stance on PNG corruption

Image: Sir Michael Somare arrives at Parliament House in Canberra in 2009. Photo: AAP

Source: Michael Pascoe, The New Daily

It’s illegal for Australian entities to bribe foreign entities, but apparently we’re perfectly happy to take dirty money from bribed foreigners and consort with corrupt leaders.

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The Despot’s Guide to Wealth Management and Australia’s role as a haven for dirty money

Australia is a haven for dirty money, money stolen from countries like Papua New Guinea, according to research by Professor Jason Sharman which will shortly be published in a new book, The Despot’s Guide to Wealth Management.

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'Struggling' Papua New Guinea should not be burdened with refugees, says Gillian Triggs

Papua New Guinea is a developing country that continues to struggle for its own people and yet we continue to accept the notions of devleoped countries, who push thier problems under our (PNG) carpets. When we begin to serve the rights of Papua New Guinean's then and only then will we be economically developed enough to service others.

Source: ABC News

Human Rights Commission president Gillian Triggs has criticised moves to resettle refugees on Papua New Guinea, describing the country as struggling.

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Australia urged to support civil society and reform in PNG

"the Australian government, through its aid programme, could invest a lot more in NGOs in PNG"

Source: Radio New Zealand

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Australian aid in PNG seen as enabling core problems

Photo: Port Moresby CBD.  RNZI / Koro Vaka'uta

Source: Radio New Zealand

Australia's aid programme in Papua New Guinea has been described as having enabled rather than remedied state fraud and market distortions in PNG

The damning indictment came in a submission by the International State Crime Initiative at an Australian senate inquiry into the aid programme in PNG.

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Pacific protest: Australians walk-on to Newcastle coal port in solidarity


While Tony Abbot, John Key and leaders from Pacific nations are locked in a leaders retreat for the Pacific Islands Forum today, a group of 30 Australians have walked onto the site of the world’s biggest coal port in Newcastle in solidarity with Smaller Island States in the Pacific, who have called for a moratorium on new coal mines and a global climate agreement that can keep global warming to below 1.5 degrees in a fight for their very survival.

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How Dirty money reaches Australia: Shepherd and Maladina speak out

A special investigation on Dateline reveals senior lawyers detailing how to avoid detection when laundering money into Australia and beyond.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Dirty Money How corrupt PNG cash is reaching Australian Current Affairs Dateline SBS

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Disgraced Finance Secretary slammed in COI Report gets PhD & Teaching Fellowship in Australia

Maladina is nailed for the NPF Saga.

But the 2010 Department of Finance Commission of Inquiry found more than K780 million stolen and the report has sat for more than 5 years collecting dust without the recommendations being implemented and those responsible brought to justice.

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The other Indonesian Firing Squad

Free West Papua Campaign!!

The other Indonesian firing squad, trained by Australia and killing native papuans everyday.

Source: Free West Papua Campaign

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