Frieda river mine will blow a huge hole right through Vision 2050

The PM and his Ministers love to trumpet Vision 2050 and how clever we are to have a long-term development plan but have they actually read and understood what it says?

Source: Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

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Nautilus Minerals facing financial collapse

Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals is facing a severe financial crisis that threatens not just its plans for experimental seabed mining in Papua New Guinea, but the future of the whole company.

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Vanuatu community advocates shocked by Port Moresby

Community advocates pose outside the door to the PNG Parliament Chamber

Four young community advocates from Vanuatu have been shocked by the conditions they have seen in Port Moresby and have vowed not to allow their own country to suffer a similar fate.

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Three years but still no action to cancel SABL leases

For three years Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has failed to cancel unlawful SABL leases affecting over 5 million hectares of land and has failed to deliver on his promises to return the land to its customary owners.

Today, June 24, is the three-year anniversary of the Commission of Inquiry reports that exposed the whole scam and confirmed the leases are unlawful.

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Vanuatu community advocates arrive for exposure visit

Four young community advocates from Vanuatu have arrived in Papua New Guinea to learn more about the development issues facing the country and how they are being tackled.

They are being hosted by ACT NOW! who says the visit is aimed at raising regional awareness and building solidarity with other Melanesian countries. 

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Third anniversary of land grab report and other updates

Next week is the third anniversary of the Commission of Inquiry reports that exposed the mismanagement, negligence and corruption behind the huge SABL land grab.

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Govt ignores Human Rights envoys over SABL land grab

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Small scale flower farming helps mothers in Eastern Highlands

A “floral chandelier” Inverted A-Line flower arrangement hanging from the ceiling. This unique flower arrangement is by Osa Amosa Floriculture business group

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Radical change needed to avoid cycles of bloodshed in PNG


Dr Kristian Lasslett, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Ulster University

The recent shooting of university students brings home the incredible contrast that exists between the streets and the suites in Papua New Guinea. Police bullets don’t mince words, nor should we.

Decades of research and inquiry have established time and time again that the elite corridors of power in government and business operate through corruption, violence and theft. Many complicit individuals populate the most senior levels of government. Fact.

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Disgraceful shootings of students must be promptly investigated

Injured student is rushed to emergency room in Port Moresby after police shot into crowd of peaceful protestors (Getty Images)

Source: Amnesty International

The shooting of students peacefully protesting in Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, is a disgraceful attack on the rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and expression.

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