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Karkar Island youth protest against seabed mining

The youths of Karkar Island have expressed their frustrations over experimental seabed mining after awareness was organised by Act Now! and conducted by Tropical Gems.

The young people said they also share the Bismarck sea and they don’t want to be used as a science lab by Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals whose experimental seabed mine will be the first of its kind in the world.

Youth Leader, Smith Tunn, said:

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World Bank Urges Caution in Seabed Mining in the Pacific

Source: 4-Traders, Fiji

A new World Bank report recommends that Pacific Island countries supporting or considering deep sea mining activities proceed with a high degree of caution to avoid irreversible damage to the ecosystem, and ensure that appropriate social and environmental safeguards are in place as part of strong governance arrangements for this emerging industry.

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Raikos people say no to seabed mining

The people of Biliau and Galil from the Raikos area of Madang province are standing together and saying No to Experimental Seabed Mining as this would affect their livelihoods and environment. They depend entirely on the sea for their daily subsistence.

The villagers and locals were attending an awareness on experimental sea bed mining organised by Act Now! and Tropical Gem to learn about the proosed Solwara 1 seabed mine. 

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Media Intimidation, No Freedom

Source: Scott Waide – EMTV News

Another low point came yesterday when another Papua New Guinean journalist was threatened by senior members of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary for maintaining contact with the suspended head of the Police Fraud Squad, Matthew Damaru.

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Juffa: Focus on our land, return to our roots

Source: Post Courier

The drop in commodity prices is a great lesson for Papua New Guinea which has relied too much on the extractive industries, says Northern Governor Gary Juffa.

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Forest Minister fails to discredit critical analysis

The Forest Minister has taken out full page adverts in the media this month [see below] trying to refute allegations of illegal logging and financial misreporting by the logging industry. But his lengthy explanations fail to answer the central allegations and many of his admissions actually add weight to the arguments he is trying to dispute!

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UN report critical of government response on SABL

A new report published by the United Nations Human Rights Council is critical of the SABL land grab and the PNG government’s response. The UN says the land grab has been especially harmful to minorities and indigenous peoples.

The SABL land grab has resulted in over 5 million hectares of land being unlawfully taken from indigenous rural people and given to foreign corporations.

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Who is UK firm Adam Smith International working for in PNG?

Adam Smith staff celebrate

Source: PNG Exposed

Who is Adam Smith International working for when it writes laws and policies in PNG - the people of PNG or its foreign paymasters? And how much do it's staff and owners benefit personally?

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Seabed mining a threat to indigenous and customary rights

Source: PNG Mine Watch

During the recent Melanesian Indigenous Land Defence Alliance Youth Workshop which took place in the Solomon Islands, on the island of Ysabel, the participants updated and added to the Lelepa declaration of 2014.

The Buala Declaration 2016

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Australia's foreign aid largely wasted because of corruption

Trouble in Haiti: Scene from Disaster Capitalism. Photo: Antony Loewenstein.

Trouble in Haiti: Scene from Disaster Capitalism. Photo: Antony Loewenstein.

Source: Garry Maddox, Sydney Morning Herald, April 5, 2016

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