customary land alienation

Returning to the Land for Sustenance

Source: EMTV Online

The scorching 2pm Port Moresby sun was nothing to worry about as mothers were busy on what they do daily; toiling the land not far from the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea.

EMTV Online spot the gardeners today (Wednesday, August 9, 2017) as they were busy planting, watering and digging at the backyard of Fincorp building near the National Parliament.

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Samoan Chiefs File Official Complaint To ADB

Source: Samoa Observer

Objecting to reforms that could lead to alienation of customary lands

A group of village chiefs filed an official complaint to the Asian Development Bank (A.D.B) yesterday. And they are adamant that if their grievances are not adequately addressed by the Bank, they are prepared to take the matter all the way to the International Human Rights Court.

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Spider Without the Web – The Silent Destruction by Oil Palm in Papua New Guinea

By David Putulan

While the Oil Palm Industry in Papua New Guinea is preaching millions of kina in profit, it has come at a cost to the local inhabitants that once use to occupy the areas under oil palm. I am not talking about the environmental cost as loss of biodiversity through mono-culture is inevitable. The essence of this article is about the erosion of the social structures that forms the foundation for functional Melanesian communities. These social structures cannot properly exist when people are displaced from their land and forced to live another way of life.

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