No to Seabed Mining Campaign Updates

Winning Silverbacks rugby sevens team to promote ACT NOW! campaigns

The Silverbacks rugby sevens team has been presented with training tops and t-shirts bearing the ACT NOW! name and logo in recognition of their successful run through several Port Moresby tournaments.

The team will be wearing the tops at training and in their pre-game warm ups to promote ACT NOW! and it campaigns to the rugby crazy community in the Nation’s capital.

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Nautilus is a Risky Deal - Sir Arnold Amet


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Experimental Seabed Mining and the Controversial Solwara 1

Source: Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Peter Neill – Director, World Ocean Observatory | Huffington Post | July 11, 2017 

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Opposition will ‘not let up’ to planned seabed mining in Philippines

Source: Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

Opposition to seabed mining in the archipelagic Philippine province of Romblon ... led by local anti-groups such as REFAM ... Image: Rachel Llorca/UST

Rachel E. Llorca | Asia Pacific Report | June 7, 2017  

Fishermen from the archipelagic province of Romblon in the Philippines are opposed to planned' experimental' sea mining ventures in the area amid fears it will destroy their livelihoods.

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Experimental seabed mining a threat to at least ten Provinces

As much as half of the whole of Papua New Guinea could be impacted by potentially destructive experimental seabed mining operations.

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One million sign petition against Nautilus and Solwara 1

Source: PNG Mine Watch

Over one million people have signed a global petition opposing Nautilus Minerals’ plans for experimental seabed mining in Papua New Guinea and the number is still rising.

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Are Nautilus plans for experimental seabed mining dead in the water?

Cartoon: Alliance of Solwara Warriors

The problems just keep stacking up for prospective experimental seabed mining company, Nautilus Minerals, and its planned Solwara 1 mine in Papua New Guinea.

Mining was slated to begin in early 2018, but that date has already abandoned and in the meantime the breadth and volume of opposition just keeps growing. 

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Seabed Mining: An Invisible Land Grab

By Sylvia Earle, National Geographic 

Thousands of meters beneath the azure ocean waters in places like the South Pacific, down through a water column saturated with life and to the ocean floor carpeted in undiscovered ecosystems, machines the size of small buildings are poised to begin a campaign of wholesale destruction. I wish this assessment was hyperbole, but it is the reality we find ourselves in today.

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Nautilus Minerals facing financial collapse

Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals is facing a severe financial crisis that threatens not just its plans for experimental seabed mining in Papua New Guinea, but the future of the whole company.

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Third anniversary of land grab report and other updates

Next week is the third anniversary of the Commission of Inquiry reports that exposed the mismanagement, negligence and corruption behind the huge SABL land grab.

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