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The myth of large-scale logging and community development exposed

West Sepik is one of the most heavily logged Provinces in Papua New Guinea, but after decades of logging, local people are asking where has all the money gone and whatever happened to all the promised development?

Jamal S Kimes

Today some 72 ILG Chairmen from Amanab FMA Blocks 1-4 meet in a secluded Village Resort in Vanimo again to discuss important matters affecting them as a result of the logging operations in their area.

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The Astrolabe Bay Declaration 2016

On July 20 and 21, seventy Local Level Government, Ward and Youth Representatives from the six districts of the Madang Province met to discuss and promote a wider understanding of the difference between economic growth and community development. 

Their meeting was arranged by ACT NOW! and was hosted by the Tropical Gem community network under the theme  "Rise Up! Return to Your Roots".

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Source: 'Red Soil'

“The government’s building our country by destroying it?” That’s the question posed by Sambun, an elderly man in the middle of the Wewak town market, which heated up a discussion that broke out between customers and the venders about what type of development, mines are to our country. (Picture below-right: Freda river courtesy of

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Farmer Support: Papua New Guinea producers welcomed coffee roasters from Australia and New Zealand

Prabindra Singh - Network of Asian and Pacific Producers Board Member visits PNG for the first time.

Source: Fairtrade Australia

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Special grants to help women

Source: The National

TWO groups of women from the Ramu Nickel project areas are the first in Madang to benefit from the small grants programmes for mine affected communities.

These women from Kurumbukari and Maigari will get two new trucks to assist with their agri-business activities.

Other two from the coastal pipeline and Basamuk will receive a truck and piggery project based on their applications.

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Improved Service Delivery: System of Government or Decentralization?

The open workshop on the "Review of PNG's System of Government, Legislature and Service Delivery" hosted by the National Research Institute (NRI) held on the 7th August 2014, was a great insight to suggestive solutions to amplify service delivery in Papua New Guinea.

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Paradox: Richest Land, Poorest People


The air I breathe,

The food I eat,

The water I drink,

Hey I’m alive,

Then along you came,

Turned my whole universe inside out – topsy turvy!

The air I breathe – NOT ENOUGH!

Constantly outta breath!

The food I eat – hmmmmm…nah!

Harder to find food now!

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