When we take action together we can have a massive impact - so never doubt the importance of making your voice heard. As proof of this ACT NOW! supporters have played a vital role in a number of very significant campaign victories.

June 2011: Inquiry into Special Economic Zone laws

The World Bank Ombudsman has announced an inquiry into the role of the World Bank in sponsoring Special Economic Zone laws in PNG and developing the Pacific Marine Industrial Zone.

The World Bank has received more than 3,500 emails from ACT NOW! supporters protesting its involvement in these projects.

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June 2011: 'Maladina' amendments not passed

The Somare led government has failed to completed the passage of the 'Maladina amendments' through its last session of parliament before losing power. The Bill would have diminished the power of the Ombudsman Commission and reduced transparency.

ACT NOW! actively campaigned against the amendments, lobbied key MPs and helped convince the Opposition to reverse their support for the changes.

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May 2011: Land grab Commission of Inquiry

The government has announced a Commission of Inquiry into Papua New Guinea's land grab which has seen over 5 million hectares of land taken away from indigenous people under fraudulent agriculture leases.

ACT NOW! has been an important part of the community campaign against the land grab and ACT NOW! supporters have sent over 250 emails to the Prime Minister on this issue.

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March 2011: Prime Minister guilty of misconduct in office

Prime Minister Michael Somare has been found guilty of misconduct in office by a Leadership Tribunal and suspended from duty. Six months ago ACT NOW! supporters targeted the Chief Ombudsman in an email action calling for action against the PM under the Leadership Code.

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December 2010: Pollution of the Watut River

Newcrest Mining and Harmony Gold have publicly admitted pollution of the Watut river with sediments from the Hidden Valley mine after being targeted by ACT NOW! supporters in an email action

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June 2010: Finance Department Commission of Inquiry

The government has taken up a court challenge against an injunction preventing publication of the Finance Department Commission of Inquiry report after being targeted by ACT NOW! supporters on the internet for their failure to act.

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