Lack of due process

The SABL Commission of Inquiry found a widespread failure by public servants to follow the law and proper process in issuing the SABL leases.

Most steps in the lease allocation process were either overlooked, rushed or incomplete.

In some cases documents were falsely completed and signatures forged.

According to the Commission of Inquiry throughout the course of their investigations serious allegations were levelled against officials and senior government bureaucrats involved in the management of SABL. With bribes and inducements being offered by project developers and representatives of landowner companies to procure SABL titles.

The inquiry also received evidence of undue political pressures being put on government officials by senior Ministers and politicians to fast-track SABL applications and issue titles. Incidences of political interference were numerous and were reported in respective individual SABL reports.

The Commissioners found there was corruption and mismanagement, and lack of coordination by key agencies including departments of Lands and Physical Planning, Environment and Conservation, Agriculture and Livestock, Provincial Affairs and Local Level Government, Investment Promotion Authority, and the PNG Forest Authority.