Big Oil in Trouble - Standards and Double standards

By:   Tolling Bells By Bisi Ojediran, Email & Tel:, 08079861689(Sms only), 06.15.2010

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Your latest emails to the Prime Minister

ACT NOW! is inviting the public to send an 

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Grand larceny robs PNG of millions

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Analysis of the Environment (Amendment) Act 2010

ACT NOW has produced a briefing paper with the full analysis of the Environment (Amendment) Act 2010 that explains in detail the changes that have been made and their impacts.

Download the briefing paper here.

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ACTION ALERT: Email the Prime Minister and register your protest

Last Friday, May 28th, was an extraordinary day in PNG's history as the government rushed through amendments to the Environment Act . These amendments:

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Government puts foreign interests above the law and demolishes an important democratic principle

By passing amendments to the Environment Act, the government has put foreign companies above the law; allowed their commercial interests to trample all over the rights of Papua New Guinea’s traditional landowners; and undermined our democracy by removing the fundamental protection of the separation of powers.

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Police frustration directed at the wrong target

The United Nations has reported that Papua New Guinea police systematically beat detainees, cripple those suspected of serious crimes and sexually assault female prisoners. These were the conclusions from a two week tour of the country by the UN's special rapporteur on torture, Manfred Nowak, who said police often brutally beat detainees with car fan belts, gun butts, iron rods and stones.

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Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP) fast becoming common in Papua New Guinea

Our National Constitution under section 46 gives the citizens of this country the right to freedom of speech.

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PMs backflip smacks of opportunism

The Prime Minister's decision to reinstate the financial powers of Minister for Planning, Paul Teinsten, seems to have more to do with political opportunism than good governance and sends all the wrong signals on corruption.

Minister Teinsten's financial powers were removed in response to serious allegations of fraud and mismanagement in his Department.

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MEDIA RELEASE: 99% say PM not doing enough on corruption

Ninety-nine percent of people who voted in an on-line poll think the government is not doing enough to tackle corruption. The poll was conducted by ACT NOW!

Effrey Dademo, Program Manager, says, “the message to the Prime Minister and the government is clear. The people want to see much more action on corruption. That has to include prosecuting white collar criminals in the public service and those they conspire with”.

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