Demand justice for communities robbed in a huge illegal land grab

Your help is needed for communities across Papua New Guinea who are still waiting for justice in one of our planets largest illegal land grabs.

The government has published the findings of a Commission of Inquiry - which found the leases were fraudulently issued - but has done nothing to revoke the leases.

child holds banner protesting against the land grabOver 5 million hectares of customarily owned land, much of it covered in dense rainforest, have been parceled up and given to foreign companies under 99-year leases without the consent of local people. (Photo: Community protest in West New Britain Province / Greenpeace).

This is both a gross violation of human rights and an environmental disaster. 

Please ACT NOW! - send an email to the Prime Minister demanding he cancel the leases and stop  the illegal logging.

Local people have lost the land they rely on for their food, water, building materials and ancient customs. Within the leased areas, over 2 million hectares of forest are being clear-felled and the logs sent to China.

As a result of public pressure, in June 2011 the Prime Minister ordered a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the leases. The Commission heard evidence of systematic fraud, forgery and a failure to secure the informed consent of customary landowners.

After several delays the Commission finally finished its hearings and its findings released. But the people of PNG are still waiting for action to revoke the leases and stop the forest clearances.

Please help the communities impoverished by the loss of their customary land and send an email to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill demanding he revokes the leases and stops the logging.

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Photo; Australian News Network

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